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Le Tonkinois is a natural oil that is based on lineseed oil and tung oil. It's environment friendly in contrast to other lineseed oil based products, it dries quickly and can be recoated after 24 hours.

Because of the absence of volatile solvents, it builds up quickly such that four layers suffice to give a coat of approximately 200 mikrons. A layer this thick is ample protection against water penetration. Blisters do not form and the layer is sufficiently hard to withstand abbrasive action and modest mechanical impact, yet is elastic enough not to crack.

Le Tonkinois is equally at home inside and outside. It withstands walking and persistant humid conditions and is ultraviolet light resistant. These characteristics make the product ideal for a maritime environment . It withstands abrasion , seawater and weather. Thus, this varnish oil is also very suitable for wooden floors , staircases and other 'land-based' uses.